Avon's Inclusive Playground Project
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The World Needs More Play
Playgrounds are a place for laughter, friends and fun...where all children and their families can play together regardless of their abilities.

The City of Avon is heading up a collaborative effort to create a new, destination playground that will inspire kids to forego their “screens” and get out and play. The goal is to create a multi-acre space next to the new Aquatic Center that is accessible to all kids regardless of ability, and that will create meaningful play opportunities for all children.

Several local families met with Mayor Bryan Jensen requesting a playground be built in Avon that would serve the needs of their children who experience physical and sensory challenges. Some playgrounds are considered accessible in that wheelchairs can navigate the play areas without barriers, but that’s about all. These families are looking for a place their children to be included with all the other children.
Think about it, if you invited someone inside your home who had physical challenges, that may be a good first step toward making them feel welcome. However, how would they feel if they were given something to do in a different room than all your other guests? That’s the difference between inclusive and accessible. The new playground will be designed to provide all children a place to play and imagine together.

We have applied for a $50,000 startup grant from the Lorain County General Health District. With that and help from local partners, French Creek Foundation, FlavorSeal, Avon Christian Heritage Church and the Avon Public Library, the new project will break ground this summer.

This is an exciting project that will be unique to Northeast Ohio. It is another opportunity for Avon to provide residents the best quality of life experiences possible. Moving forward this is one more way Avon continues to be a vibrant and compassionate place to live.
Kid's Comments
“What would you like to see included in our new playground?”
Sarah K:
Visually impaired 12 year old

  • “Braille maps so I know what to expect.”
  • “At the beginning, include a topographical map of the play area so I can get an idea of where I am and how to get to different areas.”
Sarah P:
Typical 5 year old

  • “I love all of it. I just love to be able to play with my friends all at once.
Preston D. and Ethan S.:
Physically challenged in wheelchairs

  • “I’ve gone to playgrounds before but it’s hard to get around.”
  • “I think there should be places to buy food.”
  • “What about a wheelchair racetrack?”
Mother with hearing impaired child

  • “I’d like to be able to clearly see my child so she could sign to me and see me sign back.”
We heartily thank the following for their generous support of this project.
Lorain County General Health District (Grant)
The Park Foundation (Grant)
The City of Avon
Avon Lions Club (Donation for "Harmony Circle")
Lowe's Avon (Donation & Gifts In-Kind)
$  5,000.00
K M U Trucking & Excavating, Inc. (Gifts In Kind)